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Stop The Bleed

Stop The Bleed is an initiative aimed at providing non-medics with the skills and knowledge to stop life-threatening bleeding during emergencies. Battlefield Partners offers specialized simulators that enable realistic, hands-on training.

So tampons won't stop massive bleeding?

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Life Saving

Stop The Bleed is an initiative aimed at providing non-medics the skills and knowledge to stop life-threatening bleeding during emergencies.

Battlefield Partners offers specialized simulators that enable realistic, hands-on training.

Wound Packing Trainer Close Up. Simulating Massive Bleeding

Why Stop The Bleed?

Stop The Bleed is vital for first responders, civilians, and organizations looking to improve their emergency preparedness.

Our simulators make it easier to train large groups efficiently and effectively.

Common Mistakes With Stop The Bleed

  • Failure to act quickly can exacerbate the bleeding
  • Placing the tourniquet too close to the wound or over a joint, which makes it less effective.
  • Not applying enough pressure during wound packing, which fails to stop arterial bleeding.
  • Focusing on one wound and neglecting others can be a critical oversight.
  • Packing the wound with inappropriate gauze options. 
  • Failing to tighten the tourniquet enough to fully occlude arterial flow.
  • Shallow or uneven packing that doesn’t effectively stanch deep bleeding.
  • Mistakenly loosening or removing the tourniquet prematurely can lead to renewed bleeding..
  • Ignoring ongoing risks in the environment, like gunfire or fire, which may further endanger the patient or rescuer.
  • Failing to mark the time of tourniquet application or to continually monitor the wound site for changes.

High-Fidelity Simulators

Our bleeding control simulators offer real-world application, enabling instructors to focus on teaching the critical skills needed for immediate response to traumatic bleeding. The advanced materials and design deliver an experience as close to real-life scenarios as possible, elevating the quality of your training.

Rapid Reset & Reusability

Built for maximum repetitions with quick reset features, our simulators offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of training. The ease of setup and teardown allows for efficient use of training time, making each session more productive.

Customized Training Kits

From specialized wound types to full-fledged training kits, we offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of 'Stop The Bleed' instructors. These kits are designed to be adaptable, allowing instructors to simulate a variety of scenarios and challenges their trainees may face.

For Next Level STB Instructors

Battlefield Partners is your go-to resource for advanced bleeding control simulation.

We provide the tools that make your training sessions as realistic, effective, and impactful as possible.

Featured Products

We craft a wide range of products to support Stop The Bleed training providers.
Here are a few:
Bicep Wound Sleeve Simulating Gunshot Wound

Bicep Wound Sleeves

Thigh Wound Sleeves

An open case that displays various types of wound simulators on offer from Battlefield Partners

Complete STB - Field Case

Wound Packing Trainer from Battlefield Partners - Close Up

Wound Packing Trainers

... and much more.

Why Choose Us

Battlefield Partners is dedicated to advancing the Stop The Bleed program. We blend cutting-edge technology, realism, and efficiency to create simulators that meet the needs of the world’s top training providers.

Field Case that has a set of Battlefield Partners wearables in it.

Client Testimonials

"My Field Case has travelled with me to courses in four countries now. It gives me peace of mind that I have the right training solution with me no matter where I go.
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Robert ** *****


  • Our simulators combine cutting-edge technology with unparalleled realism and efficiency. Designed for quick resets and minimal consumable costs, our products offer training providers the highest value for their investment.
  • Durability is one of our top priorities. Our simulators are rigorously tested to withstand the conditions of real-world training scenarios, ensuring they’re a long-term, cost-effective solution for your training needs.
  • Absolutely. We work closely with training providers to tailor our simulators to fit your specific training requirements, making sure you get the most out of your investment.
  • Our simulators are designed to offer a high degree of realism and incorporate stress inoculation. This enhances students’ mental and emotional preparation, making the training sessions more impactful.
  • Our simulators are designed for minimal consumable costs and quick resets. This allows training providers to maximize repetitions and focus more on curriculum delivery, offering a high ROI.
  • Our standard delivery times range from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity and customization of the order. We also offer expedited options for urgent needs.
  • Yes, we offer comprehensive user guides and video tutorials. On-site training is also available upon request to ensure your instructors are fully equipped to utilize our simulators effectively.
  • We provide a robust after-sales support system, which includes troubleshooting, maintenance guides, and software updates. Our customer success team is dedicated to ensuring you get the maximum value out of your investment and are fully satisfied with your purchase.

From The Field

Thanks to our customers and partners who trust Battlefield Partners to support their mission. 

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Resources We Use is a national public health campaign aimed at empowering individuals to act quickly and save lives during a bleeding emergency. Endorsed by the American College of Surgeons and the Department of Homeland Security, the initiative provides the general public with accessible education and resources to learn basic bleeding control techniques. The campaign's goal is to make bleeding control education as widespread as CPR training, ensuring that more people have the skills needed to assist in a crisis and ultimately reduce preventable deaths.


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